I was in China

First, I told Corina Dobre about what fascinated me in China ‑ in Correspondent show, TVRi: the thirst of literature, literary encounters and many trips across a country as a continent. First impressions, which the Time will strengthen. (2019-05-15)
I was in China - Doina Ruști

Past days I took a taxi and rushed to Pangratti Street. At the gate - someone grumpy, then a long walk through the buildings, and finally at the tv studio door, where a big dog slept. I meet with Corina Dobre and I talk about China, while two men were looking at me :) - but you know, just because I posted the picture on FB. Thanks to them and a dozen people, this movie was made, broadcast on May 9 in the Correspondent show. Do I look good?

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