The checkered shirt and 10 other episodes from Bucharest (Cămașa în carouri și alte 10 întâmplări din București)

In fiction novels of today, Doina Rusti is unrivaled.

A narative puzzle.

The volume is made up of 11 stories that happen in contemporary Bucharest. The characters, whether in love, about to fall in love or on the brink of a great discovery, experience a series of unusual episodes, all those in connection with a story from the 18th century.

The volume plot presents itself in the shape of an accident: a girl is hit by a car in front of the University building, just as she was calling for her boyfriend and the sounds that make up his name take a fabulous trip before reaching the addressee (Cristian). On their way, a series of incidents occur, happenings or indistinct sense shifts that are bolstered by the spirit of the city. Thus, a checkered shirt becomes a good refuge for a killer parrot (The checkered shirt); a cell phone interferes with a woman in the 18th century (Near Saint Sylvester Church); a high-school student, while skipping a class, falls into a time warp (A burdensome quarter of hour); the plot of a movie changes miraculously (The clock by the University) etc. All these stories are entwined, share characters and lead, whether directly or not, towards The story of Iane the Pharmacist (which concludes the volume).

Cristian (short film)

With ICR translators
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