Four men plus Aurelius in the Ziarul de Duminică Journal

Talking with Stelian Țurlea about Patru bărbați plus Aurelius (2011-06-15)
Four men plus Aurelius in the Ziarul de Duminică Journal - Doina Ruști

Stelian Turlea: Has literature come to its end?

Doina Ruști: 'Do you think we live the end of traditional literature?'

I am sure we do. Paper press has died. Books are next, as in my novel. Shortly after, people shall have the entire library in their pockets or in the memory of their mobile. And during calm hours they will look out not for the name of some writer, or the title of a novel! But just one word - for example 'cat', and in less than a second on the mobile screen thousands of links to literary pages shall be displayed, where they speak of this topic. And among them, there could also be some page from Four men plus Aurelius. And, once this page is opened, among winding raws (3D at any cost), images shall twist and sounds shall rustle, connected to the flesh of a moving writing. When the writer turn off the phone he shall feel happy and able to speak about the style and the importance of a prose writer, he read but a page. The large and detailed story shall never bear importance. In fact, it has not borne for a long time. A plot and a paragraph, from the warm soul of a mobile - this is the literature in near future. And my novel speaks about this.

Translated by Zenovia Popa

Ziarul de Duminică

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