The Ghost in the Mill by Doina Rusti

A Romanian event at the Frankfurt Book Fair: Das Phantom in der Mühle the German translation of the novel The Ghost in the Mill by Doina Rusti (2017-10-14)
The Ghost in the Mill by Doina Rusti - Doina Ruști
Fantoma din moară/Das Phantom in der Mühle la Frankfurter Buchmesse


Frankfurter Buchmesse

One of the Frankfurter Buchmesse’s events is the launch of the novel “The Ghost in the Mill” (Fantoma din moara) by Doina Rusti, recently published at Klak Verlag in Berlin (translated by Eva Ruth Wemme).

The launch of the book will be held on Saturday at 12.00, at Romania’s stand, as a debate related to the book, about history and guilt. Jan Cornelius and Jörg Becken, a historian and publisher from Berlin, will b invited together with Doina Rusti.

The novel “The Ghost in the Mill” (Fantoma din moara), published in 2008 (Polirom Publishing House) is a complex parable of the Romanian communism, a dense and heavy novel about the lability of truth. The terrible story of an 80s teacher meets the suffering of an interwar teacher over the time. A mixture between reality and fantasy, written in the formula of a thriller, the novel gradually becomes a fresco of the communist period, from Stalinism to the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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